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Guangzhou Software (Hong Kong) Cooperation Center Limited was initiated by The Leading Group Office of Guangzhou City Software (Animation) Industrial Development and Guangdong Software Export Committee. With the approval of Guangdong Province Foreign Trade Economic Cooperation Office and Guangzhou City Foreign Trade Economic Cooperation Bureau, Guangdong and Hong Kong Software Outsourcing Cooperation Center was established in Hong Kong by Visionsky Information Technology Company Ltd. The center is located in Hong Kong Productivity Council Building. Basing on the IT cooperation framework set between Guangdong and Hong Kong, responding to the ‘Going Out’ development strategy of the Guangzhou software enterprises, the cooperation center is intended to expand business in the software outsourcing market in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, to achieve the ‘Three Direct Links of Information, Talents, and Business’, to help the Guangzhou software enterprises to take software outsourcing orders efficiently from Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, and at the same time to enhance Guangzhou Software enterprises’ standards of internationalized management and operation. Furthermore, we are willing to build up a bridge for the software companies between Guangzhou and all over the world for the development of software region. We would like to invite more companies in the IT industry to join in and in the hope of working together for the greater development.