Visionsky Successfully Passed the CMMI ML3 Re-Evaluation

Time:2015-05-08 16:36:53 Sources:

        On March 31st, 2015, Guangdong Visionsky Information Science & Technology Ltd. Held a news conference announcing the good news of passing the CMMI ML3 evaluation.  The General Manager of Visionsky Mr. Zheng, Wenjian, Technical Director Mr. Chen, Zening, the CMMI Evaluator, the evaluation team members, and the representatives in the evaluation project attended the conference. The CMMI evaluator highly commended Visionsky’s continuous improvement over the years, and submitted the evaluation result to SEI.  SEI has already accepted and published Visionsky’s CMMI V1.3ML3 result.

        The CMMI re-evaluation started in Nov. 2014.  In the 5-month evaluation, Visionsky went through the improvement of company system construction, CMMI training, the push of project application, the improvement of project process, analysis of problems in project execution, analysis of CMMI ML3 deficiencies, initial evaluation of CMMI ML3, and the formal evaluation stage.  After 5 days of strict evaluation, the evaluation team eventually announced that Visionsky passed the CMMI ML3 re-evaluation.  The good news not only drew a beautiful conclusion to Visionsky’s three-year hard work to enhance its research and development, project management system, and quality, but also symbolizes that its achievement of the three-year efforts on comprehensive process improvement has been recognized, and that its comprehensive capability in guaranteeing provision of high quality products and services has been recognized.  It marked Visionsky’s success in continuous business growth and effective process improvement.

        The completion of the evaluation and the award of the certificate are only the starting point.  There is no end in process improvement.  In our future work, we need to adhere to CMMI model to improve process continuously, and to enhance ourselves to CMMI ML4 and CMMI ML5.  We need to apply quantitative management on the basis of measurement and analysis of process performance models, so as to ensure scientific decision-making through quantitative analysis and quantitative improvement. As a result our scientific decision-making will further push process improvement.  By continuously importing CMMI in our work, we can vigorously control quality, enhance maturity of our management in project research and development, increase our core competitiveness in project development and research, so as to provide better products and services to our clients.