Explore the Charm of Shenzhen in NanAo Songxichong Coastline--VisionSky’s Autumn Exploration Tour 2015

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‘Build the Team, Unite the Members’

On Nov. 28th, the first day of the Autumn Exploration Tour, the colleagues of VisionSky attended three activities: tramcar ride, seven-piece puzzle game, and graduation wall.  The purpose of the tramcar ride is for our colleagues to practice how to accomplish simple things in a complicated way and also how to accomplish complicated things in a simple way, so as to boost confidence and cultivate the spirit to move forward.  The purpose of the seven-piece puzzle game is for our colleagues to understand that there is no perfect person, only perfect team.  So being united is power.  The purpose of the graduation wall is for our colleagues to further recognize the importance of trust and help, and always be brave to try something new. 

‘The Charm of NanAo Island, Crossing the Coastline’

On Nov. 29th, the second day of the exploration tour, the colleagues of VisionSky came to the beautiful coastline of Shenzhen – Dongxichong, where the sun is shining and the waves lash against the rocks.  Here you can listen to the song of the ocean and the story of the sea shells.  The colleagues climbed the hills along the coastline, passing the rocks, moving toward west.  The scenery is beautiful along the way, particularly when all the colleagues were walking together side by side.  Maybe the most charming part is not the scenery, but the helping hands reached out to people lagging behind.  The team walked toward sunset and reached the finishing line.

Let us hold hands, walk together, to pursue our goals.