"point knowledge into gold" project

Time:2018-05-09 15:39:35 Sources:

 By Guangdong Visionsky Information Science & Technology Ltd. , GuangDong Birdie++ Technology Co.,Ltd.with the China Minsheng Bank,CMBC "point knowledge into gold" project, selected by the banker magazine "top ten Banks intelligent network innovation", the award list from product innovation, customer experience, risk control, brand awareness, the perspective of social responsibility, and other professional selection.

 "Point knowledge into gold" project to offline/online channels as the breakthrough point, based on the contact oriented scene design, application of big data, machine learning, biometrics, such as technology, to realize real-time automatic precision recommend wealth products and feedback automatically optimize data-driven model, build form a set of "recognition - recommended - marketing - feedback - optimization", which integrates financial technology application of the ground.

At present, the project has completed face recognition, intelligent entrance guard, micro letter public number, hall of WIFI, queuing cueing machine, safekeeping, six channel construction, to realize automatic wealth managers artificial maintenance and machine learning recommendation cooperatively, complement each other in the new situation, to achieve full coverage of customer service. At the same time, the project will also through the data mining method to form images of 360 customers, along with real-time customer visit information through the mobile operation side push into wealth managers, will be fully presented to the "story" behind the data wealth managers, improve their cognition to clients, thereby enhancing the customer marketing opportunity maintenance points, based on the successful practice of big data marketing mode innovation and business service mode innovation.

 "Point knowledge into gold" project is provided by Guangdong Visionsky Information Science & Technology Ltd. friend day big data platform construction techniques, including using Hadoop, ETL technology, the service bus technology, the system through the Hadoop platform data related to the customer for processing and storage, and will be processed wide table to store customer information to the MySQL database. At the same time, the application of GuangDong Birdie++ Technology Co.,Ltd. financial real-time recommendation engine software technology company (Birdie++ RTRE), recommend the most suitable financial products for customers, when customers come to branch to transact business will recommend the results sent to the front push channel (micro public letter, Wifi, automatic calling distributor, safekeeping, etc.). Through such a process, found in the vast amounts of customer information for the customer to buy the products in the form of recommended push to customer, let customers waiting to deal with the business in the process of access to financial information in order to achieve fast and marketing purposes.