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Visionsky values human resources as the most important core resources.  We adhere to human-based management and care about our employees’ career development.  We work hard to create a working environment in which each employee can fully display their potential.  We encourage every employee to demonstrate their self-worth in their work, so as to achieve the goal of win-win for both the enterprise and every single employee.


If you love IT business just like we do, if you believe in our corporate culture rooted in traditional Chinese virtues such as Temperate, Kindness, Courtesy, Frugality, and Magnanimousness, Benevolence, Righteousness, Rites, Intelligence, and Trust, then here is your place to show your talent and succeed.   Working with us, you will be awarded attractive remuneration, sound employee benefits, good training opportunities, pleasant work environment, and big room for career development.

So come join us!


Please submit you resume by the following procedure.  We will carefully consider each applicant’s materials on the basis of fairness and equality, and will keep your personal information confidential.