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Ø  More than 90% of the work force is high caliber talents.

Ø  Each year there are near 1,000 new graduates being included in the talent reserve of the Cooperation Center.

Ø  Each year there are near 100 software engineers and software technology graduates joining the Cooperation Center.

Ø  Many Chinese project managers and technicians choose to come back from the USA and Canada after studying abroad. And the trend is growing.

Ø  With the increase of the number of projects, our command of English is getting more proficient.


Visionsky’s three mainstream products are developed primarily on the basis of UNIX and WINDOWS platforms.  We adopt the mainstream database of INFORMIX, ORACLE, and DB2, and have successfully connected our products to ES/9000 host system, AS/400 system, and UNIX system. The three mainstream products include the Business Intelligence (BI) product line, the Middleware (MW) Application product line, and the Front-end Application (RT) product line. Our technology development staffs are multi-talented.  For the BI product line, our people possess technology capabilities in Cognos, DataStage, Hyperion Brio, BIee, Informatica, ILOG, DB Basic, SQL, Procedure, C, Java, UNIX SHELL, OLAP, Data Mining, Data Model, etc.  For the MW product line, our people have rich development experience in AIX, UNIX, and B/S platforms.  They also have multi-technology capabilities in J2EE, XML, DB Basic, SQL, C++, Java, JavaScript, JSP, UNIX SHELL, Data Model, MQ, MQSI, MQ Workflow, etc.  With ample technology reserve and a sound management system, Visionsky has been successful in retaining its talents to ensure adequate deployment of workforce in project development.