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In recent years, with many foreign financial institutions coming into China, competition among China’s financial institutions has become even more intense, particularly in winning good quality clients. The regular daily business systems used by China’s financial institutions are only designed for bank personnel to process daily transactions and basic customer services. They are inadequate to perform analysis on large number of client’s historical data to enable decision-making, particularly in unexpected and complicated situations. Therefore, it is imperative for banks to set up customer-centric business intelligence system today.


Visionsky Business Intelligence Application System provides a complete set of solutions for financial institutions. Through centralized storage and standard management of business data, the system keeps business personnel well informed of their enterprise’s operating risks, operation status, and business objectives in real time. Through correlation of different kinds of data, the system performs analysis on indicators simultaneously as running detailed data input. Such indicators include needs of different clients, satisfaction degrees, profit potential, underlying value, creditworthiness, and risk degrees. The system enables financial institutions to discern different client groups and identify target markets, and provides technical assistance for implementing the strategies of service diversification and reasonable pricing of products. On the one hand, the system identifies good-quality client groups for personalized services for them, on the other, it reduces risks by taking restrain actions on bad-credit clients, so as to minimize bad debt, prevent intentional overdraw and fraud. In addition, for each account, client, product, and institution, the system accurately calculates net interest income, service fees, commissions, and all costs arising from diverse service channels with advanced profit evaluation methods. Therefore, the system keeps a bank well informed of its actual profit structure, with which the bank can carry out well-targeted promotions for clients of relatively bigger profit contribution, while attracting and exploring potential clients. At the same time, the system also provides performance evaluation, producing not only key performance indicator (KPI), but also basic indicator of daily business management. Through quantification of the actual performance of a bank operation, the system makes decision-making and operating management timelier, more scientific, and more efficient.

Visionsky Business Intelligence Application System is comprised of five components in structure: Basic Network, Data Sources, Data Mining, Data Storage, and Data Application. Technology wise, the system involves data modeling, source system analysis, source data quality analysis, data comparison and data integration definition, data extraction-transformation-loading (ETL), data presentation, metadata management, etc. The data mining system inputs all kinds of data from the operating environment into temporary storage area. Then it performs data integration according to obtained data cleaning instructions and data integration definitions as a result of data comparison and data quality analysis. The integrated data will then be stored in a data warehouse. Then basing on inquiries, analysis, and business needs of reports, the system performs data processing including non-normalization, customization, or summarization on the data in the data warehouse, eventually forming a data mart. The data mart will then be presented to clients through data presentation tools. Hardware wise, we adopted open platforms such as IBM or HP’s UNIX Micro-computer as the system’s database server, ETL server, application server, and WEB server, and connects to the terminals of different clients with different analysis requirements through local area network. Software wise, we adopted relevant database such as Oracle or DB2 as the system’s data storage and management software. The system performs data processing via our independently-developed ETL tool or via a third party’s ETL tool such as DataStage or Informatica. The front-end application is achieved by using multi-dimensional database and front-end analysis tools, which represent leading technologies and products in business intelligence.


Visionsky Banking Intelligence Series Application System has already become an effective tool adopted by well-known Chinese banks and their overseas branches in their business decision-making and operating management.