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The Credit Card Analysis System was jointly developed by Visionsky and a well known bank’s Guangdong Provincial Branch.  The system was approved to be accepted by the head office of the bank after evaluation tests.  Up to now the system has been put into use by the bank’s seven branches including Guangdong Provincial Branch, Shenzhen City Branch, Shanghai City Branch, Beijing City Branch, Zhejiang Provincial Branch, Jiangsu Provincial Branch, and Liaoning Provincial Branch. These branches are the banks’ largest in terms of credit card business, and the best in terms of profit. The system provides flexible and efficient real-time data analysis / decision-making support environment for staffs dealing with credit card business including managers at different levels, statistics analysts, risk control specialists, and particularly, business development managers.  The system allows easy access to information of client characteristics, various trading elements, and market statistics. And then it performs analysis on the information.  Therefore the system contributes to achieving the decision-making goals in cost efficiency, risk control, performance evaluation, client management, and sales campaigns.