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The Credit Risk Early-warning System was jointly developed by Visionsky and the Guangdong Provincial Branch of a famous bank in China. The system takes full advantage of the bank’s data resources in its new-generation accounting system, new-generation credit system, CCS system, and gap entry.  The system performs random sampling, integration, analysis, and processing of business data through the data warehouse technology and the middleware technology, thus enabling history storage and centralized management of data.  Through the system a bank can construct a variety of early-warning and risk analysis models, and can perform in-depth data mining by areas, by industries, and by clients.  The system demonstrates the huge potential of information technology in reducing bank risks and in enhancing overall asset quality.  Through the system, a bank can establish a credit management information platform, to enable each credit-related department to get access to their corresponding usable credit management information, thus enhancing timeliness and comprehensiveness of credit management.  The departments related to credit in a bank usually include the decision-making management, risk control department, the business operation departments, credit extension department, international settlement department, accounting department, personal finance department, and so on.