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The Credit Card Customer Relationship Management System jointly developed by Visionsky and a bank’s Guangdong Provincial Branch turned out to be a big success. Through the system the bank achieved transformation from account management to client management. By taking full advantage of the service resources in the bank’s customer service centers and client managers, the system makes client management a consistent and ordinary work.  In addition, through segmentation of clients, the system enables personalized services and enhances customer satisfaction, thus eventually helping the bank to strengthen business administration capability, enhance competitiveness, and increase profitability.  This is an operation-oriented client relationship management system developed solely for banks.  It provides the clients with function models of single screen, client classification management, client sales management, client service management, client manager management, complaint processing, business procedure approval, and enquiries and statistics.  We adopted data mart as the data application basis platform, and integrated WEB technology, workflow technology, and ETL technology in the system. By using the industry’s mainstream development platform, basing on our deep understanding of credit card business, we are providing our clients a relatively comprehensive solution of credit card customer relationship management.