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The Payment Service System serves as an interface platform connecting a bank’s peripheral specialty systems in its branches at different levels and the core accounting system in its head office.  The platform is used to process specialty business for individuals and for corporations and institutions, including capital settlement and management between bank branches and banks.  By processing specialty business using the channel platform of the system, a bank can standardize the interface of such business to that of its core accounting system.  At the same time, the channel platform of the system featuring load-balancing capacity effectively copes with performance problems arising from the impact of large business volume to the system.  In designing the payment service system, we adopted IBM CICS as the transaction middle-ware, IBM MQ as the communication middle-ware, and Websphere as the Web application server software.  We used both SOCKET communication program and CICS transaction gateway software – CTG to build the infrastructure framework of the channel platform.  In our design we put system security as the top priority throughout the framework construction at each level, coming up with a tight security system that effectively ward off hacker attacks and eliminate all loopholes, so as to make sure our system safeguards smooth operation of enterprise business.