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Our Banking Host Computer Periphery Business System is a set of complete, powerful, and easy-to-use financial front-end solutions.  The system is built on an open software and hardware foundation.  Focusing on application of financial business information technology, it provides a powerful platform for continuous development, smooth and efficient operation, and customer-friendly maintenance management to our clients.  As a development platform, it provides powerful secondary development function that enables our clients to quickly develop new transactions and achieve new business functionalities. As an operation platform, it is nothing less of a user-oriented financial transaction platform. As  a management platform, it provides functions of institutional network management as well as transaction monitoring and management.  The system allows business personnel to process different kinds of transactions by entering different business systems in front of single front-end interface, thus minimizing frequent switch of account numbers, enhancing work efficiency and system security.

Basing on client/server system structure, the system performs business processing at clients’ terminals. After forming client/server relationship with application service dedicated to financial application processing, the system coordinates with the server to complete business processing work. We adopted an open platform for the application server which supports UNIX operating systems including SCO OpenServer, AIX, and HP-UN. The application server is not only compatible to connection plans with a variety of host computers, but also allows simultaneous coordination with multiple application server programs.  Clients’ terminals can be a normal character terminal, or a normal personal computer (PC) installed with WINDOWS and a dedicated TELNET terminal software.  The client’s terminals are compatible to a variety of supporting equipment such as turnover printer, deposit book printer, magnetic stripe reader/writer, password keyboard, IC card reader, etc.  The client’s terminals can be connected with application servers through a variety of communication methods such as Socket, middle-ware CICS, etc., depending on a bank’s actual needs.

By taking advantage of our Banking Financial Host Computer Peripheral Business System, our clients can quickly and efficiently deploy their bank’s financial front-end terminals.  And by taking advantage of the secondary development platform, they can rapidly develop new transaction models to adapt to the ever-changing business needs.