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In banks’ conventional way of processing original documents and vouchers, they either choose real item delivery, or use the method of scanning for recording after business processing or faxing for approval.  Handling original files this way not only limits their usage territory and usage efficiency of the items, but also risks losing the documents, not to mention problems of retrieval difficulty and security hazards.  Even though nowadays image storage of original files has been employed, image processing and business processing are still mutually independent, thus the problems inherent in the collection and transmission of digital information persists.  And for some banking business that requires relatively higher professional technologies such as loan and international settlement, banks are still largely depending on paper transmission, causing low efficiency of business processing and difficulty in risk control. If banks can take advantage of imaging and workflow technologies to realize electric transmission of business material, they can centrally process business more efficiently, and achieve data exchange and information sharing, simplify business operation, improve work capabilities, and enhance their competitiveness.


The Bank Imaging Workflow Application System is Visionsky’s typical case of success in coordinated application of mainstream middle-ware technologies.  It is a set of domestically advanced system with on-line approval, file management, risk assessment, and risk warning functions.  Taking advantage of imaging and workflow technologies, the system allows transforming original documents to image data files at any stage of each business process.  It assists completion of business process procedures by transmitting image files and business data among work positions.  Files that can be turned to image data by the system include all kinds of receipts, business vouchers, application material, credit material, archive files, and documents.  This system not only allows each personnel to get image file of original documents, so that they can work more accurately by avoiding mistakes in manual input and by improving risk control, but also enabled centralized processing of business operation, enhancing efficiency and lowering business risks. The workflow management of the system organizes all involved personnel to work in coordination, thus enhancing efficiency and effectively shortening processing cycles.


In our Bank Imaging Workflow Application System, we fully integrated J2EE technology, scanning technology, image processing technology, middle-ware technology, and workflow technology, to realize a business procedure application system.  Through adopting JavaServer Pages and the J2EE technology of EJBs, we have come up with an enterprise-level calculation model and an operation environment to deploy multiple-layer applications.  Taking advantage of Kofax’s ImageControl, we achieved the functions of image scanning and image storage in the system.  With the adopted communication middle-ware - WebSphere MQ Series, the system performs transmission of image files. As an IE plug-in, the whole image scanning platform software facilitates bank clerks operation.  We have also made it easy for its future update and new editions with low maintenance cost.  With adopted middleware such as IBM’s WebSphere and IBM’s MQSeries, we improved the system’s processing capacity and ensured the transparency and cross-platform-ability in data interaction.  The system connects to the bank’s other systems such as business system and CD reporting system through the adopted IBM MQ middleware.  With the adopted IBM MQ Workflow that serves as its workflow component, the system designs, optimizes, operates, and controls business process. Based on the mechanism of IBM workflow engine and information engine, with jobs as dominating factor, IBM MQ Workflow operates throughout the whole business processing procedure. Flexible combination of workflow modules and events, combined with business regulations, makes the system nothing less of a practical, flexible, and advanced one.  At the same time, with parameterization of workflows, limit of authority, and hierarchy of roles in authorization, we ensured the system’s extendibility and security.


We used standard TWAIN interface in the system to make it compatible to today’s popular scanners, so that the users can flexibly customize work process for all kinds of business.  The system provides standard display method (Acrobat Reader) on image files and report material, whether it is in the format of output text, PDF, EXCEL, or RTF.  All kinds of documents can be viewed on the same screen, with the function of display combination at will. The scan platform can be used without installation, thus in a real sense achieved ‘Zero Client’


When banks transfer their approval procedure from manual operation to imaging workflow solutions, they changed their traditional way or working.  It is truly a revolution to operating management and business process.  By achieving complete separation of the front-office, middle-office, and back-office of retail loan business, banks can improve system management, enhance approval efficiency, control credit risk, promote business development, and profit from multiple benefits.