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With the fast development of the economy and the financial industry, the issuance of bankcards is increasing sharply.  And the volume of overdraft and the proceeds of intermediary business are also on the rise.  At the same time, card-holders, merchants, and criminals with ill-intention are taking advantage of bankcards to make malicious overdraft or commit economic crimes, inflicting economic losses for banks.  Responding to clients’ needs, Visionsky has developed a Bankcard Payment Collection Management System to effectively cut losses, improve collection efficiency, standardize collection procedures, and boost collection results.  We integrated multiple resources of bankcard data in the system.  By adopting ETL technology, Web technology, and data analysis technology, we enabled the system to perform random sampling, integration, processing, storage, and centralized management of business data of overdrawn bankcards.  In the system, a user can set collection policies and a variety of automatic collection delegation rules, and can establish standardized collection procedures, so as to achieve strategic, step-by-step, and multi-channel payment collection on accounts of overdrawn bankcards.  At the same time, the system also features such functions as performance evaluation, law-enforcement collection management, bad debt write-off management, and transaction risk control, hence greatly improving bankcards management.