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The requirement specifications of Retail Loan On-line Approval System was initially proposed by the bank’s Guangdong Provincial Branch, and then was amended and confirmed by the retail department of the bank’s head office basing on the whole bank’s business requirements.  Visionsky has promoted the system, to successfully install it in the bank’s 13 branches in China with ES/9000 as their system host computers.  Among them include Guangdong Branch, Beijing Branch, Shanghai Branches, Tianjin Branch, Liaoning Branch, Zhejiang Branch, Jiangsu Branch, Hebei Branch, Hunan Branch, Hubei Branch, Guangxi Branch, Fujian Branch, and Shenzhen Branch.  Through the Retail Loan On-line Approval System, the bank can effectively link up the operation of front-office, middle-office, back-office, and the sales departments.  The system performs verification of standard approval conditions of most of retail loan applications through a project access approval process.  The standard approval conditions include the borrower’s qualification, loan amount, ratio, loan duration, interest rate, key document material, and prerequisite of loans.  The approval center and the authorized loan approval officers need to set parameters and workflows in the on-line approval system.  And then the system proceeds to perform standardized examination and approval on loan applications basing on the pre-set parameters and workflows, and gives loan extensions through an image system.  Through the system the bank can reach the targets of controlling risk, standardizing operation, enhancing efficiency, and promoting business.