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The essence of competition among enterprises is actually competition of quality.  Through adopting our Enterprise Quality Control Series Software, our clients can get free from tedious management tasks in purchasing from suppliers, customer complaints, quality control, safety issues, and defect remedy.  Basing on the new-generation internet, our management system enables data sharing of global information and remedial action, and quickly report quality problems to relevant client’s related departments and the responsible suppliers around the world.  Therefore the suppliers, related departments of relevant clients, and their subsidiary companies will be able to respond quickly in a global scale.  Quality control personnel can use our system to analyze and identify key problems affecting their product quality, minimizing the situation of finger-pointing among departments or among suppliers that may result in delay of solution.


Our Enterprise Quality Control Series Software was jointly developed by Visionsky and QIT Consulting of America. Taking advantage of more than 20 years of QIT’s quality control experience, we came up with a whole set of enterprise quality control solutions for our clients. The solutions include such functions as prevention measure management, supplier quality control, customer complaints, quality event management, and security event management.  This set of software has been adopted by several medium-to-large enterprises in Europe and America, and has contributed to their success in passing ISO authorization.


We developed the system by using .NET technology and the three-layer structure of B/S. Its strength lies in its reusability, flexibility in deployment, and easy maintenance. The system’s database is SQL Server, which is strong in safeguarding data security and customer investment.  Through the internet, customer service hotlines, emails, and other channels, the system collects, processes, and solves customer complaints, internal complaints, defects, quality issues and security issues in a world-wide scope. In order to optimize the collection procedure and processing procedure on customer complaints and problems, we embedded a trouble-shooting plan for frequent and common questions in the system.  Combining announcement and management on correction and prevention measures, we use the system to help our clients to quickly and completely solve problems, enhancing their customer satisfaction.


With 20 years of international experience in quality control, focusing on advanced business process, we can quickly establish a world-wide management system of correction and prevention measures with multiple-language function for our clients. With this system, our clients can monitor, correct, and prevent development trends in real time, and make assessment and evaluation on the results. Our system enables optimization of management process at every level, thus saving the costs in operation, quality control, and system maintenance. It provides versatile dynamic reports as well as analysis on development and problem trends, base on which our clients can simplify management process, improve efficiency of enterprise management, and lower operating risk.  The system enables management of ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS, and any other types of correction and prevention measures. It also supports 4W1H+5Why problem source analysis, providing versatile dynamic reports and analysis tools for problem trends.  It enables our clients to quickly establish world-wide quality evaluation standards on and status database of suppliers, to provide standardized management and real-time information sharing on inspection/sampling standards, receiving check-up plan, and inspection results. Therefore our system serves as a coordination platform for both suppliers and different departments of their client company to work together, by providing real-time monitoring on supplier quality issues and on progress of improvement action.