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QIT Enterprise Quality Control System was jointly developed by Visionsky and QIT Consulting Company from the USA. In designing the system, we took advantage of QIT’s 20-year experience in international enterprise quality management, to make sure it covers multiple facets of modern enterprise quality control.  Its functions include:


Ø  QIT correction and prevention management.  This function enables management on ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS and any other types of correction and prevention measures.  It also enables 8D correction and prevention procedure.  QIT independently developed an original procedure of announcement, monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of correction and prevention measures.  We successfully integrated the procedure in the system. 

Ø  Supplier Quality Control Management. This function enables an enterprise to build a database of quality evaluation standard and of quality status of supplier commodities on a global basis, so as to monitor suppliers’ commodity quality and their improvement actions in real time.

Ø  Client Complaint Management. This function enables a user to monitor the implementation of client complaint solutions and the on-going progress in real time.  We integrated advanced concepts of modern enterprise quality control in QIT Enterprise Quality Control System, and added an international multi-language function in it, hence providing the users with a set of advanced, reliable, and internationalized enterprise quality control solutions.