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The Self-service Equipment Maintenance Management System developed by Visionsky has been put into use in a bank’s Guangdong Provincial Branch.  The system performs effective supervision and management on service quality of self-service equipment maintenance suppliers.  Through statistical analysis on maintenance service data, the system evaluates performance of the suppliers, so as to urge them to shorten failure response time and enhance service efficiency.  As a result it minimizes impact on business caused by equipment failures.  The system supports real-time supervision on the operation of self-service equipment at the level of bank outlets, helping network maintenance technicians to find and fix problems popped up in the operation of equipment. The system is strong enough to support 1,000 on-line users at the same time. By using this system, the bank enjoys higher equipment availability, more service time for bank products, and less shut-down maintenance time.  Therefore the system effectively contributes to business development.