The Sixth Training Session Started

Time:2013-06-26 13:01:32 Sources:Visionsky

On June 26th, 2013, enrollment for the Sixth Software Outsourcing Training Session jointly held by Guangzhou Software Outsourcing Talent Training Center and Guangzhou City Polytechnic has formally started.  An excellent platform in VisionSky’s cooperation with collages, the training center was established by VisionSky in Year 2008.  In its five years of development, the center was blessed with tremendous support from the government and from the top leaders of the cooperating collage.  In joint efforts by both VisionSky and the collage, the training center has been constantly improving its training system of software talent cultivation, and has been going all out to build a training platform focusing on practical application for the students, in an effort to enhance their competitiveness in the market.  

The new session will start in September.  We hope that this new round of cooperation between VisionSky and Guangzhou City Polytechnic will provide brand new study experience for the students.  We believe that the training session will ensure a better talent reserve for our human resource for VisionSky’s development.