‘The People’s Bank of China’s Credit Report Automatic Access Server’ received high praise

Time:2013-07-25 17:32:59 Sources:Visionsky

VisionSky Information Science and Technology Ltd. successfully developed a new product - ‘the People’s Bank of China’s Credit Report Automatic Extractor’, and have successfully put it into use in a state-owned bank and a commercial bank, receiving high praise from the clients.


The five advantages of ‘the People’s Bank of China’s Credit Report Automatic Extractor ’ are:

l  Automatic Interface:  Through the MQ service port provided by the People’s Bank of China, the extractor connects to the People’s Bank of China’s credit system directly, eliminating the need to operate separately.

l  Multi-Format Storage:  It obtains clients’ credit reports according to specific request of review staffs, and saves them in HTML or PDF formats for future review by related staff members at any time.

l  Automatic Analysis:  It automatically analyzes the content of credit reports, and automatically extracts information from the reports to save for future analysis.

l  Independent Display:  At request of clients, it summarizes information that credit review staffs care about the most into one independent screen display, enhancing the efficiency of their credit review.

l  Simple Operation:  It uploads credit report to the imaging system automatically, eliminating the need to print the report for scanning and uploading.


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