Embracing Hailing Island of Yang Jing—— VisionSky’s 2013 Hailing Island Tour

Time:2013-11-07 13:46:09 Sources:

      Our VisionSky’s 2013 Autumn Tour started after landing on the beautiful Hailing Island of Yang Jiang, where the weather is pleasant and the palm trees swaying. Hailing Island enjoys its fame as ‘Beidaihe resort in southern China’ and ‘Hawaii in the East’.  All VisionSky staffs had a great weekend together, enjoying a variety of exciting games on the sunny beach. Whether it was tug-of-war, sand sculpture, or simply chasing waves, we strengthened our friendship while indulging in the relaxation and fun that are hard to get in our everyday urban life.

      The sea is the witness of our passion and courage.  The cameras recorded every smiling face of our VisionSky staff.  Simply because you and me, the big family of VisionSky is so warm and lovely.